Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas is going up!

Christmas is nearly here! 

The Christmas tree went up the week before Thanksgiving this year, though the ornaments were not put on until the day before Thanksgiving.  Put some Christmas lights out on the bushes in the front yard, wreath up, stockings hung by the chimney with reckless abandon, ornaments "tossed" into bowls and hurricane lamps, and poinsettias painted and put out.

Painted?  Yes.  Did you know you can paint poinsettias, even most all flowers?  Apparently they have special floral spray paint and spray glitter just for such sparkly occasions.  Why weren't WE privy to this useful info?  So today I hit up the fabulous nursery up the road from the house and picked out two perfectly sized white poinsettias, and had them lightly sprayed with blue and iridescent glitter.  They look great!  I promise - pics of all my Christmas will be posted soon.  First I'd like to get our garland hung up on the stair rails.  Hoping to do that tomorrow!

Presents are about 50% purchased and wrapped in coordinating papers, though my youngest still presents a problem.  So hard to buy for her these days!

Hope your Christmas decorating is going well!

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