Thursday, April 29, 2010

The baby of the family...

(Family trip to Yosemite)

This is my youngest, the baby of the family, and the oddball of the bunch.  We say that with love.  Really. 

Emily is 10 years old, and an incredibly smart fourth grader.  She herself claims to be the oddball of our family.  Why, you ask?  Emily is the only member of our family of 4 (besides the dog, who was born in Mississippi), who was not born in Oklahoma.  In fact (cover your ears, fellow Okies), she was born while we were stationed in Texas.  For those of you not Okie born and bred, you should know that no self-respecting Okie uses the word "Texas" in civilized converstaion.  Unless, that is, it's used in conjunction with:  "Longhorns suck".  We can't help it.  It's a rivalry thing, and as such is acceptable. The other oddities about my lovely little blonde haired, dimpled child is that itself - the blonde part.  She is also the only person in our family that does NOT like Pepsi.  Who doesn't like Pepsi?  Even the dog likes Pepsi. 

That being said, we love her anyway.  In spite of her self-proclaimed oddities.  Here are a couple more pictures, for your viewing pleasure.

(Halloween a couple years back)

(Long Beach, CA)

(My favorite Emily picture of all time - Emily in a mud puddle)
Not bad for a Texan, huh?  ;-)

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