Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Me casa su casa...

In case I've not mentioned it, I love to decorate.  Love.  It.  Seriously.  If I had unlimited funds, my house would be my own version of "da bomb".  As it is, we're on a single income, and we buy or fix up things in spurts and stages. 

Since we bought the house in October of '08 we've done a lot of work to fix it up.  Seriously.  And being cheap and being us, we did most everything ourselves (i.e., handy dandy husband).  So here is a list of what we've done:

* painted the shutters and doors
* replaced exterior light fixtures
* removed the gross old landscaping and replaced with new
* cleared out a TON of brush from the back/side yard (and had LOTS of poison ivy!)
* installed a split rail / black chain-length fence
* installed a new privacy fence across the front
* ripped out the old linoleum from the kitchen and replaced with travertine
* removed all the carpet and old wood flooring downstairs and replaced with exotic hardwood
* more travertine - in the guest bath this time
* painted the kitchen cabinets and added new hardware
* built a kitchen island
* installed counter tops and new sink and fixtures in the kitchen
* all new appliances
* added LED under/over cabinet lighting
* installed recessed lighting
* installed wood blinds on 14 windows
* installed 6 ceiling fans
* painted nearly every room
* new chandelier in dining room
* installed crown molding throughout the living room, kitchen, breakfast nook and foyer
* replaced the front porch rails
** had someone install gutters for us. 

Geesh, I'm tired just from the LIST!

Anyway, I finally found artwork for my living room, which I posted the other day.  Between getting that hung and some gorgeous silver candlesticks from Pottery Barn, I can officially call my living room DONE!

Here's a shot of it.  I totally had to black out the television screen.  I happened to snap my shot during a colon health commercial, and we so don't want a pic of that on the site now, do we?  As with all the pics here on Call Sign, you can click for a larger view!  :-)

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