Monday, July 5, 2010

Counting down the days...

We finally got my fabulous husband back for a few weeks, but now we're counting down the days until he leaves on his actual deployment.  14 days.  We're all trying to keep positive and enjoy what family time we can with him. 

Unfortunately, he was put in charge of redesigning the squadron's ready room, so he's been busy with welding / building a new massive desk and final touches on his flooring project.  In case I've not mentioned that on here before, fabulous husband built his own CNC machine a few years back, and broke it out again to do a tile inset for the ready room.  It's the squadron's logo cut out of appropriately colored vinyl floor tiles (what the squadron had to use).  The entire thing measures 5' x 5', and has taken months so far.  Now he only has a week or so until the packout to finish up the finer details, piece it all together like a puzzle, and epoxy it all together into one big piece.

On a lighter note, yesterday was the 4th of July - our favorite holiday (aside from Christmas - I'm a Christmas fanatic) - and was the 19th anniversary of the night we met.  :-) 

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