Thursday, May 13, 2010

Busy week!

I'd hoped to be able to write more on the blog this week, but it's been crazy around here.  Early this week, my youngest, Emily, fell and separated her shoulder.  Nothing too bad, but she'll be in a sling for a week or so more.  This also resulted in a 4 hour stint in the emergency room.  Yuck.

Other than that, there's been a bit of house cleaning, researching games and buying supplies for an after school club that I run called Gator Clubs.  I get 20 boys and girls for an hour after school each Thursday for a month.  Of course, now I've also been hit up to run the entire club system for the next school year.  Oh, joy.  I had said "we'll see", but apparently that translates to "YES!  Sign me UP!" in PTA speak.  Thus, an email was sent out to the entire staff and other Gator Club coordinators saying I was in.  Let me repeat: oh, joy.

I also spent several days watching a Lord of the Rings marathon with my kids.  Quite fun listening to my youngest correct Frodo with "Frito", and both kids arguing over who "gets" Legolas.  Silly kids.  They can have him, but Aragorn is MINE!

House stuff has been pretty minimal this week, other than just some cleaning.  Shon will be home this weekend for a few weeks, so I've been getting things ready for that.  :-)  Can't wait! 

Did decide to modify my list of things to do while he's away.  If it isn't something to help the house in some way, it'll be an activity with the kids (even so much as watching movies), or helping someone out.  I hate to sound all corny, but we're pretty fortunate in that we're all healthy, happy, have a great support system, pretty nice house and belongings, etc.  Even though we fall into the trap of wanting more-more-more all the time, like most people, we've got what we need to get by, and can make do with what we've got whenever possible.  That's my philosophy, though isn't necessarily 100% shared by my husband.  LOL  Don't worry, I'm working on that!

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