Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So I have this (unrealistic) goal...

With Shon gone and the girls and I trying to fill out our days, I vowed to myself that each and every day I would accomplish something "for the greater good" of our household.  So far I've done well.  Doesn't have to be a big thing, just something that needed done.  Let's see, thus far I've screwed in the teeny-tiny screw that keeps our toilet paper holder from crashing down thunderously onto the tile floor, thus giving certain someones a need for a re-wipe.  Not naming names.  It was no small feat, considering how I've got a partial cast on my smart hand, which immobilizes my thumb.  Yes, that's right.  I'm lacking the opposable thumb trait at the moment.  Keep the jokes to a minimum.  ;-)  I've also managed to work on the flower beds each day for a week, and even re-worked the file tabs in the office cabinet.  Haven't gotten to the actual filing yet, but that's another day.

So my goal is to finish out today with some bags of mulch for the flower beds, then I can plant the pretty coral colored begonias and white coras, thus finishing out the hottest (it hit 97 earlier this week!) project on the list.  Next project?  Cutting the quarter round to finish out the guest bathroom.  I can rock a miter saw.  Shoot - no thumb would make hammering the quarter round on difficult.  Hm.  At least it'll get cut, right?  A half-check off my list.  Unfortunately, I might have to hire out the filing.

So now I'm off - taking a friend up to Williamsburg today for some outlet mall shopping and Yankee Candle flagship store looking (it snows inside there - very fun - and it's Christmas year-round!).

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